Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday, November 9, 2014

QUICK Review - 1ST Patch Information - COD: Advanced Warfare

This is the first information we have available about the upcoming patch for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This information comes directly from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Studio Head, Michael Condrey.

"Our team has been working hard on improvements to the game. We’ve also had our ears to the ground, listening to your feedback. Our commitment to continuing to support the game and community is as strong as ever, and we have the whole team focused on making the experience the best it can be."

Sledgehammer Games announced the following issues will be addressed with the upcoming update:

1 Prestige reset issues, including leaderboards, emblems, and challenges.

2 Moving the in-game chat names notifications placement.

3 Fix for some weapon reloads counting as speed reloads in certain situations.

4 Connectivity optimization.

5 Changing challenges that unlock Camos for weapons.

6 Fix for round-based game modes, glitch causing illegitimate losses.

7 Adding eSports Rule variation default options in Private Match lobbies.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Is Your Exotic / Legendary Weapon Collection Better Than This?

Is Your Exotic / Legendary Weapon Collection In #Destiny Better Than This?:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ice Breaker - #Destiny Exotic Sniper Rifle Review

The description of the Ice Breaker reads: "Please replace these components if the causes fatal damage: Heat Sink, Magazine, Operator." The Ice Breaker can be obtained randomly like many other exotic weapons, but also can be bought from Xur occasionally. It cannot be obtained by exotic bounty as of the time of the publishing of this video.

The Entire Exotic Safari Series:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Knucklehead Radar - Exotic Hunter Armor - Well Rounded Helmet!

"You can see the point, right? Who wants to team up with one?" — In-game description. Knucklehead Radar is an Exotic Hunter Helmet found through decrypting legendary or exotic engrams, bought from Xûr, or by completing the nightfall strike.

Skill Tree:

*Light the Blade: Causing damage with a grenade reduces your melee cooldown.

*Defense Upgrade

*Inverse Shadow: Increased Super energy gained from killing minions of the Darkness.

*Sensor Pack: Radar remains visible while aiming primary weapons.

*Defense Upgrade

*Defense Upgrade

*Defense Upgrade

The Exotic Item Safari Video Playlist:

Friday, October 10, 2014

MIDA Multi-Tool - RUMOR: This weapon's on gun radar will lead you to tre...

RUMOR: This weapon's on gun radar will lead you to treasure chests (not on the heads up display radar).The MIDA Multi-Tool is an Exotic Scout Rifle found on Destiny. The description of the weapon reads: "Select application: Ballistic engagement. Entrenching tool. Avionics trawl. Troll smasher. Stellar sextant. List continues."